Irish Kitten Rescued by German Tourists after 167 mi. Car Trip

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A kitten has been rescued by two German girls visiting Ireland. Traveling from Dublin to Cork the girls heard an unusual noise coming from the car. The kitten was discovered and rescued after 270 km (167 mi).

Svenja Dabbert and Anna Scheffler rented a car at Dublin Airport and drove to Cork, where they planned to spend a couple of days.  They drove straight to their destination except for one sightseeing stop at Rock of Cashel along the way.

Stopping at a Douglas B&B, just outside of Cork, they heard sounds coming from within the car.

“We arrived in Dublin in Ireland on September 15 and we travelled to Cork on Wednesday.

“We had absolutely no idea there was a kitten anywhere in the car – we didn’t hear any ‘mewing’ noises as we drove down,” Svenja Dabbert said.

“We did hear noises in Dublin but thought it was the ringtone of a phone because people have such unusual tones on their phones.”

The young women also heard sounds at Rock of Cashel but saw nothing when they checked under the hood while there.

“We arrived at our bed and breakfast and when my friend looked out the window she saw a kitten sitting beside the wheel,” Dabbert said. “We went down but there was no sign of the animal. We could hear her in the engine but when we opened it we could not catch her.

“She stayed hidden so we thought that with the car parked overnight she might come out before we left yesterday.”

The kitten was found in the engine compartment and is in the care of the Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CSPCA).

“This is our first time in Ireland and that little kitten has helped to make it a holiday we will never forget,” Svenja said.

The kitten was named Maude, after the B&B owner. CSPCA will put the kitten up for adoption.

The kitten is thought to have climbed up into the car’s engine at Dublin Airport.






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