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Cat lover (obviously!) Jordan Owen has two cats of his own and felt he could not adopt Lane, the “insanely affectionate kitten” he met at a local PetSmart pet store, where he was available for adoption.

He posted this 3-minute-plus video that shows not only Lane’s affectionate nature, but Jordan’s welcoming good nature, too.

Jordan writes:

Back story: This is Lane. I met this little guy a few weeks ago when I was browsing the pet store. He had crawled under a store shelf and I helped get him out, so he and I were fast friends. I can’t take in any more cats or I would have taken him home the first night. I decided that if I couldn’t adopt him I’d come visit him as often as I could until he got a home- which he now has! 🙂 This is from the first day we met.

Watch the insanely affectionate Lane and his friend Jordan:

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