How We Rescued a Cat

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Here’s the story of a traumatized and abandoned cat – left behind when her crackhead owners moved – and how she found a good and loving home with a neighbor couple who knew she needed them.

Vancouver, BC resident Todd McCracken tells the story in the video below and in several installments at his blog (links below).

He says in introduction:

“2 years ago [from early November, 2013], we brought Charlie in off the streets and gave her a warm bed. She has become our pet, our friend, and a part of our family. Here’s the story of how that happened.

“The little ninja cat which had belonged to our crazy neighbours was left behind when they moved. She had spent 3 years living there and had grown quite fearful of ALL people and the other local cats in the area (including the 2 who lived in the suite above us). It took a while to gain her trust… and after a month on her own, she eventually came to our house.”



For the full details of these events as they happened, check out Todd’s Sun’s Up, Buttercup! blog posts here:

Part 1 – The Little Ninja Saga – Episode I

Part 2 – The Little Ninja Saga – Episode II

Part 3 – The Little Ninja Saga – Episode III

Part 4 – The Little Ninja Saga – Episode IV: A New Hope?

Part 5 – The Little Ninja Saga – Episode V: A New Home


The local organizations Todd mentions in his video are the BC SPCA and VOKRA.

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