How To Have a Cat’s Thanksgiving Feast

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How To Have a Cat’s Thanksgiving Feast – Furball Fables

Furball Fables petmom and video creator Chase Holiday writes:

The Furball Cats have a visit from Miss Kitty Glitter. Happy Thanksgiving!

We contacted our vet Dr. Richard Palmquist (He is a holistic vet about what foods we safe for cats, especially cats with Urinary issues (Elfin) Here is what he recommended:

Roast beef, pork, chicken, game hens, goose, wildebeest, antelope, etc. All good roasted and no big pieces of fat. Fat and skin can upset stomach and increase chances for pancreatitis.

Cooked bones are not a good idea. Leave them out. Just a few small pieces of meat.

Cooked carrots, yams, potatoes are tasty but veggies make urine pH go alkaline which can set off some cats. Fish can be problematic, too, although a bit of nonGM salmon is fine.

Some cats like melon and a few pieces just for Thanskgiving not everyday. No garlic. No onion. No chocolate. And watch for artificially sweetened baked goods as they present a danger to dogs that might visit. No veggies for cats with urinary issues.

Thank you Dr. P! Follow him on Twitter

The Furball family gives thanks for their many blessings.


The Furball Kitties are Merlin, Fairy Princess, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi.

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