Helpless Baby Kitten Rescued From Granite Yard

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Rocket almost didn’t have a chance at a new life.

Rocket was found at a California granite yard, where he was hidden beneath a pallet holding up massive and heavy countertop slabs. He was taken to the shelter but was not admitted there.

Culver City rescue group Cats at the Studios intercepted the handsome white kitten before he was turned in. Because he was still very young and needed round the clock feedings and extra care, Rocket would have been euthanized had a rescue not taken him.

He was placed in foster care with a Cats at the Studios volunteer who bottle fed him every couple of hours. He showed himself to be happy, loving and affectionate.

Rocket came close to missing out on the chance to live, but thanks to his rescuers, he can enjoy a good and happy life.

Cats at the Studios says that Rocket is 7 weeks old now, and notes that he has two different colored eyes. He will be available for adoption in a few weeks, when he is old enough and big enough to go to his forever home.


Watch the touching Pet Collective video on Rocket:





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