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Well known Florida cat advocate Mystic Blues encountered many challenges as she tried to catch China Doll, a cat living on the street outside a WalMart, for over a year and a half, feeding her 7 days a week, 2-3 times a day.  Mystic tells us she her challenges included “being shot at, fireworks, rain storm, hurricane and tornado warnings, dodging cops, animal control, people, other cats, etc”. China girl showed herself to be very clever and probably once had a home. During the period when China remained outside with Mystic tending to her as best she could, she was fed and provided with a little makeshift shelter home.

Earlier this month, China Girl was crossing the street with her 4 day old baby in her mouth when she was hit by a Ford Bronco. She dropped her baby and took off limping. Her baby, now named Wally, was rescued and taken to the ER and is now doing well in a foster home. Mystic Blues searched every day for China Girl. Someone called police and dispatched animal control to hunt for her, but Mystic Blues was able to get the call cancelled. China hid for five days, then came to feed. She came when Mystic called for her, limping as she approached. The cat’s rescuer was able to lift her into a carrier without a struggle.

China’s first vet visit confirmed that she had a severely broken leg and injured hip, and the skin at the site of the injury was not healing. She was put on antibiotics and pain meds as she went through the process of getting xrays and further consultations, including with an orthopedic surgeon. It was quickly determined that China would either get pins and screws to try to save the leg, or it would likely be amputated. China’s case was put before three different vets, in order to fully weigh both costs and options. Mystic Blues’ preference is to save the leg if possible.

A Lets Help China Girl Facebook group was set up, where friends and supporters could follow China’s progress and contribute toward the costs of her care. China Girl is scheduled for surgery tomorrow, on Tuesday, November 27, and though the fundraising has not met its goal, enough money has been raised to go ahead with the procedure. Donations are still needed and welcome, and China’s caregiver and closest supporters would appreciate any help, including joining and sharing the group, to bring her story to wider attention.

Mystic Blues wrote on Friday, “I first want to thank everyone for caring so much, donating, and helping with the auction, etc for miss China Girl’s surgery and care.She is patiently awaiting and such a sweet girl. She has been through a lot and acts like she is so relieved to be off the streets and indoors, which is where she belongs.

“She is scheduled for Tuesday at 9AM for surgery for her rear broken leg that also has a skin puncture which is why she cant be moved much. She could bleed and then infection could set in. Three opinions & evaluations have been discussed & the orthopedic surgeon was chosen due to the extent of the injury and the type of surgery she needs.”

China is feeling much better, thanks to her new life and the medical attention she has so far received. By yesterday, she was eager to get out of her crate and start moving around more freely, though she still needs to stay fairly still to protect her injury and wound. Mystic says, “She talks to me when I sing the “kitty” song to her as I have the past yr and a half. She seems to relax when I sing. ”

China Girl has come a long way in the past couple of weeks toward getting the better life she deserves. Tomorrow’s surgery will, hopefully, be the start of even better things to come.


Video of China Girl made back in the early days of Mystic Blues’ efforts to rescue her.


China, safe and waiting for her surgery



Baby Wally, who now has a good life as a well cared for kitten.



China’s shelter when she lived on the streets.


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