Healing Power of Pets: Woman with Multiple Sclerosis and Her Cat

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Yolanda Seay’s cat Nika plays an important role in her life. He is companion, lifeline and possibly lifesaver to the disabled woman who depends on him.

Yolanda Seay feels that she owes her life to her cat, Mika. Yolanda says that when she fell and couldn’t get off the floor, her cat Mika could sense she was in danger and created noise to get anyone’s attention. Whether or not Nika actually saved Yolanda’s life, or made noise for the purpose of raising an alarm, he is undoubtedly a lifeline for her. Nika plays a very important role in Yolanda’s life and his companionship is a great factor in her wellbeing. Nika and Yolanda are able to remain together thanks to a program run by a Los Angeles organization.

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