He Hasn’t Left Her Side

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The bonded pair before their separation and reunion.


Artemis and Allolo are a pair of strongly bonded 6 month old littermates who had never been apart for long until recently, when Artemis was gone for 12 hours while undergoing emergency surgery to address a problem that followed her spay. Apollo was highly disturbed during her absence and has stuck by his sister’s side now that she is back home.

The cats’ owner, Reddit user lern41 posted. “After emergency surgery, she has to be isolated. He hasn’t left her ‘side’. ”

Following her spay surgery, Artemis had to have another surgery at the emergency vet. “She developed a seroma, but the seroma was so large and placed in such a way that the ER vet thought it has herniated. Also the ER vet had to trim her internal wound.” She is expected to make a good recovery.

The discussion at Reddit got sidetracked over whether the vet botched the spay and who was to blame. Lern41 says the family is not laying all the blame on the vet, despite less than ideal experience with them, and the post is intended to show the love the cats have for one another.

Apollo was disconcerted and very needy without his companion and stayed by her side upon her return, even with the walls of the cat carrier between them. Artemis was moved to a larger crate for the remainder of her isolation.



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  1. So sweet. When my dog Sasha got a bad gash on her face and had to stay overnight at the vet, her “sister” Sheila got so upset she threw up several times while Sasha was gone.

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