Haven the Bionic Kitty

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Haven had her leg rebuilt with several pins after she was found by a Good Samaritan and given to a well known rescue group that was able to get her help for a severely broken leg.

Reddit user staplegunsarefun posted a photo yesterday of a radiograph showing Haven’s hind leg with several pins inserted to help save the leg, saying:  “A neighbor found this little girl with a smooshed leg on her way to work. Thanks to a great rescue group she is now Bionic Kitty!”

That great rescue group is Philadelphia based City Kitties, who had a high-profile rescue that some readers will recall in Clark Kent. City Kitties is assisted in its efforts for rescued cats through a partnership with The Cat Doctor, a Philadelphia veterinary practice that provides the cats with medical care.

Haven went to the Cat Doctor where it was found that her injured leg was broken in four places, and was damaged so badly that even the vet specialist wasn’t sure the leg could be saved. None of her caregivers know how Haven’s leg was injured; their focus is on getter her better.

Haven (aka Bionic Kitty) had her surgery yesterday with Dr. Cabell at Metropolitan Veterinary Associates & Emergency Services.  City Kitties says “Dr. Cabell is a metal working genius to get this little kitten walking again! If you are interested in donating towards Haven’s care, you can do so here.”

Dr. Andeer  from The Cat Doctor posted post-surgical radiographs of Haven, showing the pins that are already helping her to walk on the repaired and reinforced leg.

“Here she is [in the video below] just a few hours post-surgery, taking a little stroll!” City Kitties says, continuing ” Thanks to Dr. Cabell and everyone at Metropolitan Veterinary Associates & Emergency Services for your help with this tiny kitten (and her BIG voice!) Haven will recover and receive PT at Metropolitan for the next few weeks.

The Cat Doctor reported today that Haven was up and walking around.

City Kitties Rescue at Facebook

The Cat Doctor at Facebook

Haven after her rescue, snuggling with her blue stuffed doggie friend.


Heading to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates on September 22.



Haven is up and walking – and vocalizing – just hours after surgery:


City Kitties is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, no-kill, volunteer-run rescue dedicated to helping stray cats in West Philadelphia.

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