Guardians of Rescue and Roto-Rooter Team Up to Rescue Kitten

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Little Rooter the rescued kitten


Guardians of Rescue, of Smithtown, LI, NY, teamed up with a crew from a local Roto-Rooter company on a stormy night just before Thanksgiving to save a trapped and crying kitten stuck in a drain system.

Trapped for two days, her cries could be heard through the entire pipe network. Four hours later, she was rescued.

Roto-Rooter released a dramatic and touching video with scenes from the rescue in recent days, which we include below.

Guardians of Rescue wrote about the previous night’s rescue at Facebook on November 27, saying:


“A call last night from a cat caretaker in Commack, NY. A kitten fell in a well over two days ago, filling with rainwater and trapped in a pipe over 100 feet long, the entire length of a strip mall. For over four hours in the cold,wind and pouring rain trying to coax her out.

“Thank goodness for Mike Fischer of Roto-Rooter who ok’d his men, Mike( id#3107) and Jamie (id#1303) for coming to the rescue!

“They put a snake with a camera down the well, and we were able to watch the little kitten’s whereabouts throughout the pipe, finally able to trap her between pipes and cut through the pavement to get her through the last remaining area.

“Happy to report this little girl is finally safe and sound. Thank you to all who came out to help Guardians of Rescue. And of course the guys of Roter Rooter! Call Roto-Rooter, That’s the name, and they’ll save your kitten in the drain!”

Roto-Rooter told their version of the story in the introduction to a dramatic video uploaded to YouTube about a week ago:

“On November 27, 2013, Roto-Rooter received a call asking for help in rescuing a kitten who had fallen into a sewer pipe on a rainy, cold night on Long Island, New York. Not long after, Roto-Rooter was on the job. The rescuers first placed some sardines in the pipe to better nourish the kitten.

“After four hours of hard work, the experts at Roto-Rooter were able to safely recover the kitten from the drain. Not long after, the kitten, named “Rooter” was adopted by a Roto-Rooter employee.

“Special thanks to Guardians of  Rescue, and the local Roto-Rooter team: Jaime Santiesteban (and family for adopting this cute kitten), Mike Fisher, and Mike Katulis.”

Watch video from the rescue:




Photo via Guardians of Rescue


Rooter with Erica, who pulled him out of the pipe at the successful conclusion of the rescue operation.
Photo via Guardians of Rescue



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