Good Samaritans Rescue Kitten From Kids Holding Rocks

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Photo via Stray Animals of Racine – Wisconsin Humane Society at Facebook


A beautiful 10 week old kitten called June is safe at the shelter of the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Racine Campus after a local couple saved her from a group of children. June is on temporary stray hold, and will be made available for adoption if she is not claimed.

Wayne Clingman and his wife rescued June Monday night when they saw her being chased by neighborhood children holding rocks, possibly saving her from a terrible fate.

According to the story as told in the Caledonia Patch, the Clingman’s had their front door open, letting in the fresh air of a fine evening, when they saw the kitten dash under their car.

Wayne saw five or six kids around the ages of 10-12 who were holding rocks and appeared to be chasing the kitten.  “I have no proof they would have hurt the kitten, but I was afraid they might,” he said. A version of the story at WITI Channel 6 news says a toddler was running ahead of the group of older children and was chasing the kitten.

After shooing the children away, Wayne coaxed the kitten out from under the car. “We wrapped her in a blanket and put her in one of our cat carriers with food and water,” he said. “We took her to the Humane Society first thing this morning.”

The Clingmans’ concern and actions exemplify the spirit of Be Kind to Animals Month, and Executive Director  Alison Kleibor stressed the importance of teaching children to be kind. “There is a substantive link between abuse of animals and domestic violence,” she said. “We want to teach kids about care and kindness of animals now because they’re the future generation of animal ownership.” Ms. Kleibor also noted that people who abuse animals frequently go on to hurt other people.

Wayne Clingman weighed in on the rescue, saying “I know I can’t save the world, but saving this kitten shows the need to be more active in our neighborhoods.”

Video with June at the shelter, via Patch.

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