Good Samaritan Rescues Kitten Thrown from Pickup Truck

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A tiny 5 week old kitten was thankfully unharmed after being thrown from a truck earlier today, and is safe in foster care tonight.

The good Samaritan who witnessed the kitten being thrown into traffic in Phoenix, AZ Sunday morning called the Arizona Humane Society, whose Emergency Animal Medical Technicians quickly responded to the scene.

Arizona Humane Society’s Ashleigh Goebel said, “He’s very lucky to be alive and quite the trooper, that’s for sure.”

“[The good Samaritan]  said she was driving down 43rd Avenue and Bell and saw this little guy thrown out of a pick up car window.”

“Brought him back to the shelter, our vets checked him out and he is one lucky kitty. He’s ready to explore and love and cuddle, he’s just the cutest little thing,” said Goebel.

The kitten is already in foster care this evening.

Goebel said, “I’m just surprised how humans treat animals sometimes. Something so innocent, so little, so defenseless and to treat them like that just breaks my heart.”

The witness was too concerned with the kitten’s safety to catch the plate number of the truck, and there are no leads in the case at present.


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