Goathouse Refuge: Cat crusader finds homes for hundreds of felines

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Siglinda Scarpai and her Goathouse Refuge were featured on the Today show this morning.

Here’s the segment, if you missed it or want to watch it again. The sanctuary’s website went down under the crush of hits following the show, but is back up now. You can also visit and “Like” The Goathouse refuge at Facebook, and read their blog.

At her tranquil, nonprofit animal sanctuary tucked away on 16 acres in North Carolina, Siglinda Scarpa is living out her lifelong dream of rescuing hundreds of cats and kittens, finding permanent homes for many and caring for others that can’t be adopted. TODAY’s Jill Rappaport reports.

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6 thoughts on “Goathouse Refuge: Cat crusader finds homes for hundreds of felines”

  1. cat house on the kings (Lynea Lattanzio)has already done it. not to take away from her but really..and the woman from today show.. goodness she was awful.she almost kissed this woman’s feet. it was majorly disgusting..I mean please

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Yes, the piece was fawning and short on substance. It brought attention to the sanctuary, though, and reminded the general public of the need for such places.

    You mentioned that the piece made you think of Cat House on the Kings. It made me think of Cat House on the Kings, too, as well as Rikki’s Refuge, in Virginia. I’d love to see Rikki’s in a nationally broadcast feature, but I think Rikki’s director Kerry Hilliard would want to be portrayed in a more down to earth manner.

  3. Hi Tasha,
    I know that Cat House on the Kings has had significant national exposure … with a special feature on National Geographic Channel, for example.

    I personally made the connection between Goathouse Refuge and Rikki’s Refuge, which is similarly lesser known and, while extremely well run, also has to constantly keep raising money to meet month to month expenses. For efforts like these two there are two huge ongoing tasks – providing top care for the array of animals and paying the bills.

    I was v ery pleased to see Goathouse Refuge get the attention that comes with a Today segment, and I am certain it is well deserved. Otherwise, I would not have shared the story.

    If Jill Rappaport went down to Rikki’s and fawned all over Kerry it would be great!

    Thanks for writing.

  4. On the Today Show ,if I am not mistaken, it showed Shiglinda working on a potters wheel making pottery, if this is true is that pottery for sale?

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