Garfield Saves the Day

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Ken Scott and Garfield


A handsome one year old long haired rescued ginger cat named Garfield returned the favor when he saved his family from a potentially deadly gas leak in their home.

A valve on a gas meter ruptured Saturday morning in their Kangaroo Flat, Victoria Australia home as Ken Scott and his son slept. As gas spread through the house, filling the kitchen, dining room and hallway,  Garfield meowed in an uncharacteristic manner, waking Ken, who said “I came out and heard him mewling. I thought it was unlike him to be mewling and heard the gas coming out under quite a lot of pressure. He warned us about the leak.”

“He’s a really smart cat. I turned the gas off at the meter and immediately rang the gas company.”

The gas company told Ken to open the back door and the windows and to get out of the house.

Garfield was rescued from an abusive home by Ken’s daughter.  “My daughter actually found him,” he said. “People had been maltreating him. She took him to the vet, and the vet asked if we wanted to keep him.”

Despite his rough past, Garfield is described as being very affectionate.

Commenting on the  way Garfield saved the day when his family’s lives were in danger, along with his own, Ken said “I couldn’t believe our luck.”


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