Forbidden Love Story Has A Happy Ending

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One who pines for his beloved from afar is helped to see his true love.


Buzzfeed posts: “A doomed interspecies love affair is given new hope thanks to the intervention of caring neighbors. So poignant. (Thanks, Mary and Victoria!)”



3 thoughts on “Forbidden Love Story Has A Happy Ending”

  1. You know, one of my cats and the neighbor’s dog were like that…I wondered why she liked that window more than any other, and my neighbor had wondered why her German shepherd would stand by the fence so quietly for so long…we figured it out one day on our commute home.

  2. My cat & the neighbours Staffy were like that. They would meet each morning at the fence, touch noses through a gap & sit side by side for hours, each on their own side of the fence. My boy (Devon Rex) was heartbroken when is girlfriend (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) moved away. It’s been 8 years but I still find him sometimes in his old spot waiting & hoping that Jess will come back.

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