Firefighters Rescue Kitten Stranded When His Mama and Siblings Were Saved

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Late last month, Fontana, CA firefighters rescued a kitten left behind and trapped for days after his family was taken by animal control.

Fontana residents called the fire department on June 25, telling them that Animal Control had rescued a Mama cat and her kittens from a storm drain several days earlier, but that one kitten remained, trapped and unknowingly left behind.

Firefighters arrived and discovered that the kitten was trapped in a 20″ wide drain pipe. When attempts to coax the kitten out by calling it, and to lure it out with tuna didn’t work, the crew called on their urban search and rescue unit for help.

After checking for hazardous gasses, one man went into the narrow pipe and inched his way along until he was able to reach the kitten.

After the rescue, the concerned neighbors took the beautiful ginger boy to the vet for a checkup.

“Rescue” was adopted by Valerie Rodino, who called firefighters to come out and save him.

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