Firefighters Rescue Cat Missing for Weeks from 25ft. Hole

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Eight month old Mai Tai is back at her Yakima, WA home again after going missing for nearly a month. Her guardian Doris Matson said, “We never had any word of her or any sign of her and we really had given up.”

The mystery of Mai Tai’s whereabouts was solved one day last week with a rescue effort across the street from her home, where firefighters hoisted her up from the bottom of a 25 foot hole.

Ms. Matson’s neighbor Virginia Hislop heard meowing for three days and, after failing to bring the cat out of the bushes, decided it was time to call animal control. Animal control called in the fire department and when the bushes were cut back the rescuers found a 25 foot deep hole behind them, with the cat trapped at the bottom.

The rescuers used creative thinking and hoisted the cat up in a basket baited with cat food. Mai Tai lost a lot of weight but seems to be otherwise unharmed.

Doris Matson’s husband went across the street to see what the commotion was all about and was delighted to be reunited with the missing cat.

“It’s a miracle. It’s kind of a miracle story I think. At least we feel like it is, we thought she was gone, just totally gone,” said Doris.

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  1. I lost my cat for a month and searched for her every day. she must be aware that she can get lipidosos from not eating for so long. my cat had this problem but the vet fixed her right up. it is very dangerous because it affects the kidneys…

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