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All volunteer Kansas City, MO non-profit rescue and adoption group Kitty Cat Connection and foster caregiver Sharon Jones are caring for a kitten who was abandoned with one of her eyes completely closed up from a respiratory infection late last month.

Fergie went from looking pathetic and sickly and thin to beautiful and well on her way toward being healed in a matter of days, and that heartwarming transformation was chronicled at Kitty Cat Connection, Inc‘s Facebook page.

Sharon Jones told us a bit about Fergie and kindly gave permission for us to share her progress with you here.

Sharon writes:

“Fergie is such a spunky little diva. She was abandoned in the Kansas City Missouri Petsmart store where Kitty Cat Connection holds adoptions. One of the managers called and asked if we would take her into our foster program. She had an upper respiratory infection and the eye was swollen shut. At that point Banfield Vets couldn’t even see her eyeball well enough to determine if it was just uri or an actual injury. ”

Fergie’s gunked up, irritated, swollen shut eye turned out to be affected by the respiratory infection and not damaged by an injury. She is responding well to treatment and is visibly improved. She has been cleared to socialize and play with other kittens now, after getting a good result on her FeLV/FIV tests.  Her eye is still ulcerated and a new medicine has been added to help her heal.  While still building her strength, and at times less energetic and subdued, Fergie has begun to blossom.

With all the sad and horrible stories out there, it is nice to see an upbeat rescue story where the kitten just needed the help of caring cat lovers and basic medical care, in order for her life to be much changed for the better.

The photos and captions below, courtesy of Kitty Cat Connection, Inc. at Facebook, give the wonderful progression of Fergie’s healing journey. You can continue to follow her progress there.


December 29: This kitten was abandoned at a Petsmart store today. As you can see it is very skinny & sick. It comes to us with no donation.


December 30: The eye reappeared today! The doctor doesn’t see any damage so we will continue to medicate topically and with oral anti-biotics. Thank you SO MUCH from Fergie for all the donations! It makes her feel better to know so many people care.


January 1:   Our brave little girl is doing better as you can see. She’s still got some healing and getting well to do, but she is playing, purring and eating. I think she will soon be romping with the other kittens in the playroom. BTW – not only is she beautiful, she’s a sweet little love bug, too!


January 5: January 4: After a slow start and some hand feeding this afternoon, she had a small improvement this evening as she ate some of her dry food. She also took a swing at a bigger kitten that was annoying her. She’s a spunky little girl!


Our little angel had a great day on Saturday. She was feeling feisty enough to come out of her kitty condo, play with some toys and race around the kitty room a few laps. She’s a bit more subdued today, but she’s definitely a spunky little girl who is feeling better. For those who missed the beginning of this saga, the kitten was found sitting on a shelf at Petsmart last Sunday. She was very thin, had a badly infected eye and an upper respiratory infection. KCC was contacted by Petsmart and we agreed to foster her. We are still accepting donations to help with her vet bills at kittycatconnection.org.


January 6: FERGIE is feeling good today…..she’s been having fun playing and pouncing on the other kittens. Doesn’t she look better?
January 7: FERGIE saw the vet today. She is doing well but does have an red ulcer on her eye that we will continue to treat with new medicine. He thinks the treatment will take care of it but he wants to recheck her in a week. She passed her feleuk/fiv test so she can play with the other kittens now.




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