Family Rescues Newborn Kitten Trapped Under Porch

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Cat Depot Rescue Adoption Education and Resource Center of Sarasota, FL is caring for a tiny kitten rescued by a local family who heard little meows coming from under their porch. Luckily, the shelter had also just taken in a cat who gave birth at the shelter, and Mama accepted the kitten into her litter.

Wake Up!!! There is a kitten crying!

Some people wake to an alarm clock, but for the mother of 9 year old Olivia Gumpel, it was a muted cry. Further investigation by Olivia’s father, Tom, led to the discovery of a one day old kitten under the porch.

Since there was no entry, Tom grabbed a shovel and began to dig. All was going well until Tom hit a water pipe and the area began to flood. Fortunately, the hole was large enough for Tom to reach in and grab the kitten. However, it was several hours, before the pipe was repaired and water was restored. Until then, Olivia kept the kitten warm in a towel.

When the three arrived at Cat Depot, “Sugar,” named by Olivia, was hungry!

She was also lucky. A mama cat, rescued the day before, had given birth to four kittens an hour after her arrival. So, when mama saw “Sugar” she pulled her close and cleaned her, accepting her into the litter along with Shannon, Suki, Sydney and Serenity.

Sugar is .17 kilograms and her litter mates are .16 and .15 kilograms. Mama and kittens have been moved to the comfort of a foster home and all will be ready for adoption in eight weeks. Thank you, Olivia!

Olivia tells the story in the video below, while visiting Cat Depot. We see the rescued kitten snuggling and feeding with the new Mama kitty who accepted her into her litter.


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