Facebook Post Gets Help for Cat Stuck Up Pole for 3 Days

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A group of Amarillo, TX neighbors called everyone they could think of to get a cat down from a 30 foot electric utility pole. The cat sat atop a utility pole in a residential neighborhood for three days, and appeared to be suffering by Sunday, the third day.

The concerned neighbors finally got help when Amarillo New Channel 10 TV posted a photo of the stranded cat at  Facebook yesterday, saying:

This cat has been stuck atop a power line for three days. Neighbors have tried to coerce him down with food, tried calling Xcel [an energy utility company], Animal Control, and the Fire Department, but nobody will help. He’s panting and swaying in the wind. Neighbors are calling it animal cruelty that no one will help. What do you think?”

The Channel 10 Facebook post made all the difference. It got nearly 1,000 comments, and was liked and shared hundreds of times. Within hours, Xcel Energy made an exception to policy to come out and rescue the cat.

In the Channel 10 report below, Jeff Tucker spoke about seeing shining eyes late Friday night, and then realizing it was a cat the following day.

“So we ended up calling the fire department, they said no we don’t that. Called the electric company, we don’t do anything,” Tucker said.

The neighbors made several more calls, as the cat appeared to be losing his strength.

Fortunately, the Channel 10 Facebook post brought an Xcel bucket lift truck to the scene on Sunday to rescue the cat.

“I’m just thankful that these guys [from Xcel Energy] took their time out of their day to come and rescue this cat for us,” said Shantha Ackors said.

Shantha Ackors and her family have adopted the cat, who is being called Xcel, at least for now.  Xcel was formerly known as a neighborhood stray.

Ackors told everyone at Facebook:  “I was not giving up until he was safe He is now napping in the top of my daughters closet on some blankets!”

Ackors plans to take Xcel to the vet for a checkup today.




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  1. Three days??? I’m glad the cat was rescued, but were they really going to leave a cat up there to die? It was obvious that this cat was suffering, but why wait until the media gets involved! I guess it would have been easier once the cat died and then it would have fallen off the pole. Kuddos to the lady that is going to adopt him… well done!

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