Dottie Gets Help

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Dottie was found in a parking lot after something terrible had happened to her. Her hind feet and one ear had been cut off.  She was rescued, and her caregiver and supporters are doing everything to help her.

Dottie was found by Edward “Red” Luckhard in the parking lot of a Florida hospital one day in March of this year. Onlookers and the Animal Control officer who arrived at the scene all felt that she should be put down, but Red couldn’t bear to let that happen  so he took then injured young cat home with him to make sure she would be saved.

Luckily, Red knew Monica Imundi, an animal lover who has rescued, adopted and raised several special needs and amputee kitties of her own. Dottie was turned over to Monica, who have provided her with love, understanding and the medical care she needs. Monica started an online fundraiser to help raise money for whatever solution will best help restore Dottie’s compromised mobility and give her the best possible quality of life.

On May 7, Monica also started a Facebook page for Dottie, Dottie’s Page. Dottie’s story and her healing journey are now shared with the world through her page.

Dottie saw a specialist and was scheduled for a first phase surgery on May 14, for a plan to do muscle padding and then paw pad grafting to give her a weight bearing surface at the bottom of her little stumps. That appointment brought disappointing news, then a change in plan, since after viewing Dottie’s x-rays, it was determined that the trauma to her legs was so great that neither the muscle padding nore the paw pad grafts would succeed. The doctor said the pad tissue would not live.

After the initial disapointment, Monica’s thoughst turned to a prosthetics option, either prosthetic implants or the type that are externally attached. The plan for a prosthetics solution for Dottie is still in the early planning stages at this point. Monica is trying to contact famed UK surgeon Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick, who has successfully implanted “bionic” legs on cats. She has been in contact with people who make attached prosthetics, and is waiting to receive a kit from them that will enable her to make casts of Dottie’s legs that they can study to see if they can help. She is aware of wheeled carts, and hopes to be able to give Dottie some Leggings for Life.

While the exact plan to help Dottie regain her mobility still remains to be found, she will get the best possible solution for her condition and her needs, thanks to Monica Imundi, her doctors and the prosthetic specialists, and her many friends and supporters. Donations toward Dottie’s care, even the $5 offerings, are adding up. If Dottie is lucky enough to get the wide exposure that Corky has, perhaps even greater funds can be raised, if needed, and if Dottie proves to be a good candidate for bionic legs. We will provide updates on Dottie as the solution is found and implemented to help her to regain her mobility.

Dottie has already found safety and love, and she has become very attached to Monica. The videos below, made by Monica, tell a little bit about Dottie and show her sweet and loving nature.

Anyone wishing to donate toward Dottie’s mobility care can do so HERE or HERE.




Video from May 16, showing Dottie’s affectionate nature and attachment to Monica.

17 thoughts on “Dottie Gets Help”

  1. How do I know her ‘caregivers and supporters’ didn’t do this as a money making opportunity. What animal control agent investigated this? Who has this cat? I demand details to the case and want to contact the authorities to make sure this isn’t some sort of HORRIBLE scam.

  2. Enjoy your new life Dottie – may it be a long and happy one! To the person or persons who did this – they have 2 feet and an ear. As they say “An eye for an eye” – maybe that would be the justice they deserve!

  3. Candace, no one is asking you for money, and Monica did not ask for this story to be told. It was my idea to share Dottie’s story. I included the donation link as a convenience for anyone why may have wanted to contribute.

  4. Candace, what do you mean, you “want to contact the authorities”? You could easily have found out which Animal Control was involved and contacted them before making nasty comments. If you have suspicions about anything you should do what checks you can before going public. If something is a scam then the perpetrators will disappear without the relevant police force being able to collect evidence, but if it isn’t then you are throwing mud at kind people who work incredibly hard and cope with horrors that would turn your stomach.

  5. If they do not want to give…no one has their arms twisted….just dont post nastiness, ..
    good luck Dottie…we know you are in the right arms now…xxx

  6. Wow. I don’t even think I have the words.

    If you’re truly concerned about Dottie’s welfare, then you could have visited her Facebook page, where her caregiver (as you so rudely put quotation marks around) has posted her veterinary bills, with the relative township and address. From there it would be easy to find out what animal control office serves the area, and you could call and ask what officer(s) was at the scene, whether you could speak to him/her, and what the details of the case were. You could also call the vet’s office. I understand that Dottie was featured in the local paper – you could look the article up using the address from the veterinary bill to find out what paper that is. If everything is on the up-and-up, you should not encounter any resistance to gain more information about the case. (You could also, you know, just e-mail Monica and ASK, or post to Dottie’s Facebook page, but if you want to talk to a third party there are still options.)

    Since you didn’t do those things, and instead ran your mouth on the website of a person completely unrelated to the case, then I have no choice but to think that you are a troll – or, at the very least, a nasty, distrustful person who must live a sad life indeed to be so suspicious of other people.

    (BTW – demanding things never works. The person who owns this website doesn’t answer to you. Animal Control doesn’t answer to you. If you want to know something, then ask – nicely – but no one involved in this story or on this site is beholden to you in any fashion. You have no authority in this situation. So maybe you should cut the attitude a bit, hmm?)

  7. Is this the same Candace that I answered back on my facebook page and has not gotten a reply to???? Ok, so you are DEMANDING ANSWERS… Well I got them but you have not contacted me personally!!!!! Why are you making all these negative comments everywhere else but you won’t contact or message me personally???? I have nothing to hide, I’ll give you all the answers you want and will ever need. Are you afraid??? I told you everything in my huge response to your comment on facebook. I will be contacting you so this craziness stops!!! I hate to tell you but, real life is not all weddings and holding animals in Australia. You want to report me and contact authorities???? Then you’d better have some proof to back it up honey!!!!! Because I’ve given you now 2 chances to contact me and you have chosen not to do so. You want to be stupid you’d better be tough!!!!

  8. Dottie I hope u av a long an happy life and I also hope that they find these so called human beings that this to you an they get wot they deserve its good to see u are been looked after like you should of been in the first place bless u Dottie x

  9. Monica, you’re a lovely person. You truly are. I’ve donated to Dottie’s cause, and have no concerns about where the money is going to. Like you, I’m a true animal lover. Loving and taking care of my animals isn’t a job, its something that’s just ingrained in my soul, part of me. I know my own kind, and you are kindred. <3

    Please don't even dignify Candace's accusations with an answer. All the answers she wants are already out there for her to see. She's just a negative person who seems to want to look for the bad in people, even when its obviously not there. She's an emotional leech, and I'm guessing she doesn't have a lot going for her, as most people like that don't.

    Keep on posting the great vids of Dottie, she's such a doll! <3

  10. Why even leave such a rude putrid comment on here from a potentially unstable girl like Candace. All she is doing is creating a bunch of havoc. Why should you, the Editor, have to explain yourself to her? Don’t you have the power to delete the comments?

    You did Dottie a great favor doing this and trust me, I think it’s a great thing. You’re a terrific person for helping.

    Take her comments off of here. It helps not. All she’s doing is trying to gain the spotlight running a big mouth.

  11. Ignorance is as ignorance does! @Monica: we have some friends in common involved in animal rescue who recently held an auction for Dottie. Dottie is a sweet, innocent hurt baby who has brought thousands together to help fight the epidemic of animal abuse. Unfortunately Dottie is not alone: Patrick, Gadgit, Bernice, George, Dexter, Little Heart, Adlai Grace, Whitey, Penelope, are just a FEW amongst many others on Facebook who have been victims, and many of these poor souls have not been as lucky as Dottie and are at the Bridge. Candace’s remarks signify the same kind of ignorance the inbreds who abuse animals have! Keep doing what you are doing to help Dottie, you are wonderful. Please do not let these type of trolls EVER give you the idea anyone else thinks that way- you and Dottie have unwavering, unconditional support! <3<3<3

  12. I found out about Dottie via Corky. I know you are for real! PULEEZE Candace, get another life!

  13. Bless you, Monica and the other animal rescuers. I have never had an animal injured like Dottie, and I am glad you are helping her. I hope that whoever did this to Dottie is found and charged. My three cats were all more or less rescued. The youngest was caught as a feral baby and fostered at a vet clinic about 20 miles away. She was half-starved before being fostered, and literally eats almost any kind of foood! Also, some POS used her for target practice, for she has a BB under the skin on one side of her rib cage, which I will hopefully be able to have removed this summer before we move, though it does not seem to be hurting her. We are moving out of California to Northern Arizona by the end of the year, and I hope to have some free time to donate to animal rescue. Oh, yes, and count me as another person who thinks Candace is way off base in her accusations. Who in the world would be crazy enough to use injured animals to scam other people out of money.

  14. Hi Monica,

    What can I say…you are a truly beautiful person! Thank god for people out there like you who took the most gorgeous little Dottie in to your heart and your home. I am an animal lover like you and truly believe they love us so unconditionally and without question, unlike some humans!

    Have you managed to contact Dr Noel Fitzpatrick at Fitzpatrick Referrals in the U.K.? He seems like a truly wonderful man with a kind heart who has done amazing work for the animals and not for the humans! I’m sure that he could help Dottie. Please let me know what is happening with Dottie at this time.

    Warm wishes,
    Amanda (in Australia)

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