Dog and Cat Share Parenting Duties for Puppies and Abandoned Kitten

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A farm cat and the family dog are sharing duties looking after an abandoned kitten and the dog’s puppies at John Whinnett’s Canal Grove Stables in Slapton, UK.

John said: “I found an orphan kitten up in the loft and gave the kitten to the dog to look after, which the dog did happily. Then our farm cat lost her kittens and came to look after the puppies and the kitten in between times.”

Weebee the Mini Pini dog Mum nurses her puppies and the kitten, and Mummy Cat grooms and snuggles them all.

John’s housekeeper is quoted in the Leighton buzzard Observer saying, “When she first had these puppies I came in and thought ‘oh she’s had five’, but then I thought ‘wait a minute, one is a cat’.”

All the little ones have homes lined up for them.

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