Dash the Cat is Reunited with His Family After 3 1/2 Years

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Kristin Hergert is reunited with her cat Dash at the Tri City Animal Shelter
Photos Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group


vfpfpphpjA cat named Dash was reunited with his family on Thursday, three and a half years after he went missing following a move. He had been living nearby all along as a stray but was not identified until he ended up at the shelter and was scanned for a microchip.

Dash got lost at a time when many pets do: shortly after he and his family moved to a new home in a new town. When Dash and his owners, Kristin Hergert and Joseph Lopez, moved from San Jose, CA to nearby Fremont in 2010, the confused cat got scared and ran off. He was last seen by those who knew him on May 5, 2010. His family searched for him for quite a while, but their efforts led nowhere.

Finally, this past week, the Tri-City Animal Shelter, in Fremont, contacted Kristin and Joseph to let them know their long missing cat had been found.

Dash had been living as a stray just a few miles from home. A woman had taken to feeding the orange tabby, and he stayed close by to the place where he was getting regular meals. Things changed, though, when the woman sold her home and moved away, leaving the cat behind. The woman told the new owner that she had been feeding the cat but thought he belonged to a neighbor. The new homeowner took the cat to the shelter, where a microchip scan revealed his identity and led to the reunion with his family.

Thanks to his chip, Dash was reunited with his family at the shelter on Thursday, then he went back home at long last.








Kristin Hergert and Joseph Lopez with Dash


Kristin Hergert, left, and Tri City Animal Shelter staff member Julie Archuleta, right, place Dash into an animal carrier.



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