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“When was the last time you took your cat to the vet for a checkup?”

It’s a fair question. A friend of mine, who is thinking of getting a cat, asked me that question.

Truth: We go once a year, whether our cat needs it or not. And yet, we have discovered we should probably go more than once, because our kitty, Molly, is getting up in age. Some of this new knowledge was gained in a visit with my vet, but some of it was gained just recently in a survey the folks at Royal Canin did. Here’s just a bit of what that survey shared: “There is no shortage of love and affection for felines, but… cat owners (are) lacking in consideration of their pet’s health.” Ouch!

Here’s what that means… in case you were wondering (as I was)… we focus on flavor… instead of nutrition when purchasing cat food. Sigh.

Also, the survey noted that while we give a good bit of attention to our cats, our parenting skills create “false confidence.” I took that to mean we take our cats for granted!

It’s not that we don’t love, love, love our cats. Seriously, we love, love, love, love, love our cats… but, cats are so…solitary. They seldom show emotions. They seem to take pretty good care of themselves, and… that’s where the truth hurts. A major part of a cat’s health is his or her diet and pet parents don’t really read labels or do their homework when it comes to diet. We feed a variety (because it makes US feel better, I think), and we focus on what the cat ‘likes’ rather than what’s good for her. Truth is, both are important. What’s good for her is a high value – I mean, what good is a cat food the cat won’t eat? But, it should also be high in the right nutrition!

The Royal Canin Cat Survey is amazing in its detail! The info-graphic below is good summary. I really hope a lot of you will read it. And, take time to check out labels, next time you shop for your cat’s regular food. Hey, here’s a coupon from Royal Canin – which I offer in support of having cat Moms and Dads get more involved in their pet’s nutritional needs. Note that the Royal Canin diets are offered at vet hospitals (rightly so…they are designed for size, age, breed, lifestyle and other special needs, after all)… and at pet specialty stores everywhere.

Next time someone asks me how often I take my cat to the vet, I’m going to say, “At least twice a year, but even more often if my vet recommends it.”

And, I’m reading some pet food labels from now on!








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