Crying cat is rescued from underside of ship

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Crying cat is rescued from underside of ship

A Ukrainian sailor rescued a cat trapped under the Cambodian AMUR2527 boat docked at the port of Illichivsk, Ukraine.

The crew of another ship heard the meowing animal and set out to save him from his plight. The man who made the rescue did not hesitate to put on his survival suit and get into the ice cold water to save the poor cat, who had taken refuge on the huge rudder of the freighter after falling to the water.

Dock workers watched the courageous rescue and recovered the animal to warm and reassure him after his big scare.

The rescue is seen in the video below. Kitty cries for quite some time as the rescuer approaches and carries him across the water to safety, but he  immediately quiets down when he is out of  harm’s way and one of the men tucks him into his clothing for warmth and reassurance.


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