Coya’s treetop rescue ends at a new place called home

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Coya’s treetop rescue ends at a new place called home


Coya was very happy to let her rescuer bring her down from the treetop where she’s gotten herself stuck, way out on a limb.

Concerned Issaquah, Washington residents had called in Canopy Cat Rescue to get the scared kitty down from the tree. Those same people took her once she was back down on the ground. They got her checked at the vet and, though she did not appear to have a home, they tried to find out if she had a family that might welcome her back. In a happy ending to the tale, kitty’s caring new friends ended up adopting the sweet girl and giving her a home.

Canopy Cat Rescue told the story at Facebook writing:

“Last month, we rescued an unknown kitty in Issaquah. The folks that called were big time cat lovers and just wanted to see this kitty get some help. As I climbed up to her, I realized she was very skittish and possibly a stray or feral kitty. She went way out on a limb and I was prepared to use my net, until I realized I could reach her with my hands. She was really nervous when I grabbed her, but trusted that I was there to help her. The folks that called took her to the vet, tried to find her owners, but ended up adopting her and naming her Coya.”

In case you have not yet heard, it has been announced that Canopy Cat Rescue will soon have a TV show on Animal Planet.

Watch as Coya is rescued from high up a tree by Canopy Cat Rescue:

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