Couple Finds Help for Injured Kitten

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A Maryland couple has their faith in humanity restored as a vet practice and the community pitch in to help a kitten in need.

954691_10201848631446260_1723971912_nEssex, Maryland resident Caroline Weiss-Stiles received a call from her husband Derek on August 7, telling her he was on his way to the animal hospital with a kitten he’d rescued after it was thrown from a car while sealed up in a cardboard box.

Staff at Eastern Animal Hospital in Baltimore bandaged the kitten – called Lucky – to help a fractured humerus heal, but x-rays taken on the 12th determined that Lucky required surgery for his injured front leg.

Caroline writes: “On August 7th, my husband, Derek, came across a little kitten thrown out of a car in an almost sealed box on the side of the road. He knew immediately something was wrong with his arm and would die if not cared for. We took the kitten to Eastern Animal Hospital in Baltimore to see what could  be done. The vet informed us that the kitten had suffered a fracture to his humerus (shoulder/upper arm bone). For the past week, Lucky has been bandaged up and doing so well. Other than a broken arm, this kitten is as healthy and happy as can be, not to mention slightly mischievous.”

Following a suggestion that she set up a fundraising page at Indegogo, Caroline was pleasantly surprised to see donations coming in toward the $1,500 goal toward Lucky’s surgery and related medical expenses. The actual cost is expected to be greater.

Following a story on local TV at ABC2 news, the amount climbed to $1,000. The donations are making Lucky’s surgery possible, and they are showing that good hearts and good acts can outweigh the bad.

Writing on her fundraising page, Caroline says: “Immediately after Derek and I took this kitten in we were devastated by how cruel a human-being could be on such a little life. Lucky was only 2.5lbs and is a little purr machine. How is it possible to be so careless? We cried, hugged each other, and prayed for Lucky’s recovery. In the days since, we have been overwhelmed by the support Lucky has gotten. From the steel workers that saw him on the first day to our Facebook family’s support and kind words. Our faith in humanity has been fully restored. I truly believe that there are more warm, kind, and loving hearts in the world than careless ones. Together we can show this Lucky that all-in-all humanity is good and wants to see him thrive.”

Indegogo fundraiser page: Lucky needs a new arm

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  1. So glad you rescued him. I agree about photos of the license plates, however that can be very tricky if you are driving alone, trying to watch the road and the animal. We need tougher laws in EVERY state and judges who are not giving abusers probation. They need to give jail time to these monsters.

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