Couple are reunited with cat missing since RV crash

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Two months after her petdad suffered a heart attack behind the wheel of an RV, Shadow was found 170 miles from the scene of the crash that followed. Now she is back home with her family.

Grain Valley, Missori residents Eric and Julie Davis were headed to Arizona for a month-long vacation in February when Eric suffered his heart attack behind the wheel while driving on a highway in Liberal, Kansas just hours after leaving home. The RV crashed during the medical emergency, and Shadow panicked and fled the scene.

Eric and Julie thought they would never see Shadow again and were suitably surprised to receive a call two months later from a woman in Amarillo, Texas who told them Shadow had turned up at her farm.

Not only had shadow traveled 170 miles from the scene of the accident, she had gone in a direction away from home.

The couple drove to Texas the morning after getting the call and reclaimed the cat they thought was long and forever gone.

“We expected this big greeting and instead she was just kind of like hanging there like ‘you have no idea what I have been through,” said Julie.

Shadow had lost half her body weight and all the fur on the bottom of her feet. She had also been bitten by an animal during her two month ordeal.

Shadow still wore her pink collar, but it was all tattered and torn.

The family’s vet thinks she may have hitched a ride, at least part of the way, but she has obviously been living rough on her own.

While Shadow had previously run to the door at times, thinking she might get outside, Julie says that since being back home the cat has no interest in trying to get back outside.

“Since she’s gotten back all she wants to do is lie around and sleep,” Julie said.

Shadow’s petparents say their girl is the same sweet, loving cat she was before, and the family’s other pets were happy to welcome Shadow back home.

Watch the Fox 4 News report on the story:

2 thoughts on “Couple are reunited with cat missing since RV crash”

  1. poor baby she is declawed she is lucky she wasn’t more injured with the animal attacking her i am so sorry he was so mutilated by this procedure. she should never go out of the house again

  2. Nancy,
    Where does it say the cat was declawed?

    And she was out of the house with the family going on a month long vacation, not turned loose.

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