Corpus Christi Couple Saves Kitten from Storm Drain

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A Corpus Christi, Texas couple went the extra mile to rescue a kitten they saw enter a storm drain on Tuesday.

Christopher McBrayer and his girlfriend were driving on a city street Tuesday evening when they saw the kitten running across the street; then they saw it go down into a storm drain.

The couple stopped their car and got out to help. Three hours later, after going down into the drain pipe after it, they’d captured and rescued the kitten.

The couple planned to take the kitten to the vet and hope to find the it a good home.

“Essentially, I have too many animals, and so does my girlfriend,” McBrayer said. “We’re hoping maybe, we are going to take it to the vet today and try to get it examined, and then maybe try to find a home for it or get it adopted out, is our ultimate goal.” South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Christopher McBrayer posted this video on the rescue at YouTube, and wrote in his introduction:

“My girlfriend and I save a cat that fell into the storm drain. The storm drain was about 5 1/2 foot deep with no way for the cat to get out. We called animal control and non emergency fire department phone line, animal control said they would send someone out (they never did) fire department never answered. Lets be honest most people have no desire to save a kitten trapped in a storm drain. After losing sleep over the matter I decided to save the kitten myself and post some of the video to maybe raise some awareness.”


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