Complaining Neighbor Forces Man to Remove Cat Condos for Community Cats

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Once again, a responsible cat caretaker is being forced to severely limit his activities because of neighbor complaints.

Eight years ago, Saginaw, MI resident Frank Edmondson purchased a piece of property on the city’s East side so he could use it to care for the neighborhood’s unhomed cats. He spent $14,000 to buy four sturdy cat condos to house the community cats that live on the property, and says the cats are fed and have a safe roof over their heads. Two of the buildings are for housing and the other two are for feeding. After years of finding food and housing on the property,”They’re dependent on me now,” he said about the cats.

One neighbor in particular, Sandra Sanders, who admits she does not like cats, is bothered by the cats and their condos and has made a stink with the city.

“This is a menace to our area, and I don’t like all of that,” said Sanders, who lives across the street from Mr. Edmondson’s property.

“To see all this in front of my house, and I’ve got dogs, and every time one gets in the yard, my dogs attacking them, and I have to pick up dead cats,” said Sanders, who also calls the very tidy and well designed condos an eyesore. Sanders says other neighbors also want the cats to go.

After Sanders’ complaints, the City of Saginaw has told Mr. Edmondson that the cat condos have to go because of a city ordinance that forbids structures if there is not house on the property. Mr. Edmondson was given 30 days to remove the condos, and has until later this month to clear the property.

Mr. Edmondson will continue to feed the cats, and said he will give the structures away to someone who can put them to good use. We do not know if the condos have already been spoken for; it would be a shame for them to go to waste. Frank Edmondson can be reached at [email protected].

The new report from WNEM Channel 5 includes remarks from both Frank Edmondson and Sandra Sanders. There is no mention of whether the city objects to Ms. Sanders’ dogs killing cats.



4 thoughts on “Complaining Neighbor Forces Man to Remove Cat Condos for Community Cats”

  1. Sad for the cats and for the kind-hearted man who just wanted to help them. At least he tried his best. Bless him.

  2. Hasn’t this neighbour got other things to do than spy on the cats and make complaints. Miserable so and so. Too many ppl spoil things for others and for the poor cats – this is very mean spirited of that neighbour or neighbours. It only takes one to start and then others join in. If cats are well cared for, leave them be. Authorities should be sorting out serious issues and not get involved in a personal vendetta from a cat hater. My thoughts and prayers for the carer and the cats.

  3. I just stumbled upon this by accident. This lady should be ashamed of herself. This is probably the warmest and safest home these poor cats will have in order to survive. I don’t know how she could look at herself in the mirror each day knowing she contributed to some of these cats demise. Shame on you Sandra Sanders. I hope people remember your face so when they see you in public they will turn the other way.

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