Comfort for Feller

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Tenth Life Cat Rescue saves stray cats and kittens in the St. Louis, MO area, prioritizing those with special needs. They also accept special needs kitties from farther away when there are special circumstances.

Tenth Life recently took in an injured cat with a shattered jaw and an uncertain prognosis, and they have helped to save his life and put him on the road to recovery.

Tenth Life tells Feller’s Story:

On April 10th, a kind soul found a badly injured cat in the Tower Grove area. She scooped up the suffering kitty and rushed him to the vet in an attempt to save his life.

The veterinarians determined that this sweet boy had a shattered jaw, a nasty infection, and was in a state of shock from the trauma he had clearly suffered. At the time, the doctors were unsure of his prognosis and worried about his survival.

After some critical care, Feller was stabilized, but the attempts to repair his jaw were unsuccessful. Meanwhile, the kitty’s rescuer and her friends sent out pleas for help to area rescues, and one of our amazing foster parents came forward, enabling us to admit him to Tenth Life.

Once he came to us, Feller was rushed to specialist surgeons who brought him additional pain relief and carefully repaired his fractured jaw. A wire was placed in his jaw and will remain for 6 weeks, but Feller also has a feeding tube in case eating is too painful for him. He’s got a long road to recovery, but we’re very hopeful that he’ll make a complete return to wellness.


Tenth Life made this update on Feller at Facebook today:

Many of you have been asking after Feller, the kitty with a broken jaw about whom we posted last week.

Thanks to your kind support and generosity, we have enough funding to cover the entire cost of his initial surgery, as well as the care he’ll require in the weeks ahead. You all are incredible!!!

Feller’s kind foster mom reports that feeding him through the implanted tube was initially a bit challenging. But now she feels she’s “getting the hang of it.” She adds, “he is very sweet and gentle, and curls up in my lap and just rests the whole time. This morning we sat there for at least an hour while he enjoyed ear rubs, snuggling, and watching the birds out the window. He is alert but still pretty thin – I can feel every bone in his body.” She is staying in regular contact with Feller’s vets so that we can take care of any health issues immediately.

She adds, “I’ve been reading all the comments from supporters on the main TL page regarding this little feller, and I can’t tell you how incredibly honored I am to be able to care for him.”

Have we mentioned lately how much we LOVE our foster parents?

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