Colonel Meow Makes Guinness Records for Longest Fur on a Cat

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Colonel Meow can now add Guinness Record holder to his other accomplishments, which include things like internet meme and social media star.

As of the 2014 edition of the record book, set to be released September 12, Colonel Meow holds the Guinness World Records Title of Longest Fur On A Cat, with 9 inch or 22.87 cm long fur.

The two year old Himalayan-Persian mix rescue cat who gained instant viral fame after a photo turned up at Reddit lives with his staff, Anne Marie Avey and Eric Rosario, in Los Angeles, California.

Anne Marie Avey talks about Colonel Meow, his career and his world-class fur in the video below.

Anne Marie says, “Literally everything in the house has hair on it, including us. I feel like I’m always vacuuming.”


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  1. I have a Maine Coon and I thought I had the hairiest cat ever ! Until I seen Colonel ? I have to brush Rufus 3 times a week ! So you must have to brush your kitty more often than I do ? Wow he is one Handsome fur baby ????

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