Cola Nears 28th Birthday: May Be Oldest Living Cat

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A cat named Cola, reportedly nearing her 28th birthday, is in the running for World’s Oldest Living Cat if her age can be verified.

The current official oldest living cat according to Guinness World Records is Pinky, a cat from Hoyt, Kansas who will turn 24 on October 31, 2013.

Older than Pinky, however, Wadsworth, from Ravensden, Bedfordshire, UK, was thought to be Britain’s oldest living cat until Cola’s story turned up. Wadsworth turned 27 earlier this year. (See our story from March 13, 2013, Wadsworth Turns 27, May be World’s Oldest Cat.)

Wadsworth has veterinary records that support claims for his age.  Cola has only been to the vet once, when she was spayed.

Cola, from Orpington, Kent UK, was born in 1985, according to owner Mary Goldsmith, which would make her the oldest cat ever. Ms. Goldsmith has had Cola since her kitten days.

Cola’s guardian attributes her longevity to a combination of treats and exercise.

Cola’s story is told below:

4 thoughts on “Cola Nears 28th Birthday: May Be Oldest Living Cat”

  1. I’d love to know the secret on Cola’s longevity!! I have 3 precious spoiled felines….Rambo is 11, Freddie is 10 and Babee is 6……I want my fur-babies to be with me for many yrs to come!

  2. Actually check CatFancy Sept 2013 issue their oldest living cat contest winners. First place goes to Pumpkin who is 32 years old from Boca Raton Florida.

  3. Congrats to Cola, my Fred turns 18 today! I hope he will be with me for many, many more years. He has always been a healthy boy. Aside for recurring ear problems, he is great. He has gotten much thinner, and gone deaf, but he is inside only, so that is no problem. He gets around fine, and seems to be a healthy, lovey, boy. He does get check ups at the vet and is doing fine. I hope Cola can win the oldest cat award, at least in Britain even if not in the world. She is a lovely girl, and I know her family loves her dearly.

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