Clark Kent undergoes surgery as his recovery from neglect and abandonment continues

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Clark with former Cat Doctor staffer and current CARES vet tech, Mary Beth

Clark Kent is the cat found lying in a Philadelphia gutter recently, weak and sick, with a seriously low body temperature and near death.  The man who picked him up and saved him gave him over to local reasue group City Kitties, and Clark has been in the care of  The Cat Doctor, a veterinary practice that frequently works with the rescue group.

Clark received immediate treatment, with a blood transfusion, antibiotics for a mouth abscess, and general attention to his overall weakened state. He suffered a multitude of ill effects brought on by neglect and eventual abandonment by the family that adopted the two year old boy not much more than six months ago.

Clark seemed to make rapid progress toward healing until sometime on Monday, when the metal object previously discovered in his digestive tract was determined to be stuck in his stomach instead of moving through the system to be excreted out.  Clark’s PCV, or red blood count, continued to drop, causing concern, and the composition of the metal became a matter of interest, as some metals could be poisonous to him. Due to his weakened state, Clark’s doctors did not consider him to be a good candidate for an exploratory procedure to remove the metal object.

Cat Doctor staffer Dr. Andeer recommended an ultrasound to pinpoint the location of the metal object, so Clark was sent to CARES (Center for Animal Referral and emergency Services), in Langhorne, PA, where Dr. Ziemer performed the ultrasound, which verified that the metal object was lodged, as thought, in Clark’s stomach, and needed to be removed ASAP. Clark was taken to CARES on Tuesday and had laproscopic surgery and a blood transfusion yesterday.
The Cat Doctor reported yesterday, after surgery, that CARES said Clark  did very well, considering his delicate state, and two pieces of corroded metal were removed from his stomach.  The Cat Doctor told us this morning that Clark was doing well and would return to their facility from CARES today. As of this writing, a volunteer is heading to CARES to get Clark and return him to The Cat Doctor, where staffers are happily looking forward to his return.

Clark is not out of the woods yet, but now is in a position to have a real turnaround.

In related news; as we reported earlier, PSPCA Humane Law Enforcement is investigating the family who let Clark down and endangered his life, and are expected to do everything within their legal powers to punish the people who adopted, then abandoned him. PSPCA’s Humane Law Officers are dedicated to serving the animals, and their jobs are funded 100% by donations.  City Kitties has received more than enough money in donations to cover Clark’s care, and they, again, ask that anyone who would like to help Clark to direct donations to the PSPCA’s Humane Law Officers at the PSPCA Donation Page, and, to target the donation, under “Direct my gift as follows,” choose “Humane Law Enforcement.

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8 thoughts on “Clark Kent undergoes surgery as his recovery from neglect and abandonment continues”

  1. I also pray that the irresponsible monsters who abused him (neglect and abandonment ARE abuse!) are fully exposed and prosecuted! They should be completely ashamed of themselves!

  2. Little kitty just hang in there. After all that you’ve been through there is a loving home for you. I hope that you get well soon. Thank you to all that have helped you so far. Just be strong. I know that life will be good for you soon.

  3. Yeah Clark on continuing recovery. Keep up the good work and I hope that those people that had adopted get what they deserve too.

  4. Karen (?) Is there any new info on Clark Kent? The last we heard was his surgery was finished, he survived it and was on his way back to City Kitties. I’ve had bad luck recently about hearing no news, and then finding out the kitty had crossed. Please tell me that hasn’t happened to Clark! Please.

  5. Donna I am one of the fans of Clark Kent also. If you go to THE CAT DOCTORS and CITY KITTIES RESCUE on FACEBOOK they have been doing updates. He is back at THE CAT DOCTORS were he recoverying from surgery they have posted a few pictures of him on there today also. I go there everyday and check. He still hanging in there by the way.

  6. I’m still waiting for an actual condition update from the doctors, Anne. It was nice to see the pics, and learn that he is eating and feeling feisty though. I wrote to Donna earlier today

  7. I seriously hope they do something against these people who adopted then abandoned him. how can a person sleep at night? bad upbringing…

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