CJ Kitty Rescue

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CJ was rescued in Kirkland, Washington after spending the night stuck about 70 ft. up a cypress tree. CJ has the sweetest meow you have ever heard.

The professional arborists and dedicated cat rescuers from Canopy Cat Rescue saved the day for CJ and his petmom, with one of the team going all the way up the ever-narrowing, tall tree to rescue the frightened cat.

CJ is a handsome Ragdoll cat whose petmom slept at the foot of the tree overnight out of concern for her boy. She told Canopy Cat Rescue that she brought CJ’s sister and littermate out to the tree in her efforts to coax him down, The two cats meowed to one another, but when CJ became more anxious she brought his sister back home.

Watch, as CJ’s petmom talks about her concern for her cat, and see the rescue and CJ’s homecoming:

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