Chapin, SC Woman Works to Save A Colony’s Cats

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A Chapin, SC woman has come forward to help rescue and rehome a colony of cats who are no longer welcome on the property of a Bi Lo store. The cats are spay/neutered and reportedly do not cause problems, but they maust be relocated nonetheless. Pat Peters has removed some of the 13 cats and is now racing against the clock to get the others off the property before an animal removal service company gets to them first.

Pat describes the challenge of getting the cats out of danger, noting “I’m really good at trapping, but these cats are very smart, very savvy. and very healthy.” She got a tip that the animal removal company’s vehicle was seen in the area on Saturday and surmises,  “I think they were picking up the food to try to get them hungry to try to trap, so I came down here and I knew we needed to get them out of here.”

Pat has found a home that will take all 13 of the cats so they don’t have to be separated. The homeowner is building a shed on their property for the cats.




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