Cats vs The Annoying Halloween Candy Bowl

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Cats vs The Annoying Halloween Candy Bowl and Cats Trick or Treat for Halloween make up a Furball Fables holiday two-fer.

Furballs petmom and video creator Chase Holiday writes:

“The Furball cats would do just about anything to get their paws on some friskies party mix treats including going up against the Annoying Candy Bowl! Happy Halloween!”

Chase notes that some people haven’t liked the candy bowl scene in the first video, and give us the backstory:

“Some people love the candy bowl scenes while others consider it mean. But the whole point was Halloween Trick or Treat!

“I will tell you that they figured it out fairly quickly. Since all the Furballs are on a special diet (Elfin gets crystals) treats are rare around here, I do know that when we have the Friskies party mix in the house I have to hide them in the fridge. They will wake up out of a “dead’ sleep and come running, “Screaming,” for some if I open the fridge. I have even caught Yogi trying to open the fridge door. So I thought it would be fun to Trick or Treat them. It took a few days of filming. They were so funny when I’d bring the bowl out. Each one slowly approaching to get some treats. Buddha was the bravest and he wore down that bowl til finally the voice didn’t speak anymore and the hand was wimpy and he shared all the treats with the gang, We all had a lot of fun!”

The cats got the better of the mechanical hand in the end. It no longer works at all.



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The Furball Kitties are Merlin, Fairy Princess, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi.

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