Cats Saying “Om Nom Nom” While Eating Compilation

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From “om nom nom” to “yum yum yum” to squeaks and an assortment of other sounds, these cats and kittens have a lot to say at mealtime.

Links to original videos featured in the compilation are found here.


2 thoughts on “Cats Saying “Om Nom Nom” While Eating Compilation”

  1. Long time visitor, first time commenter here. First, love this site quite a lot. Love the sister site too. About this vid, they all sound so conflicted: eager and happy to dine yet resentful of the human paparazzo. LOL They sound like they’re warning us to back off and I think I might start making these sounds the next time my cousin starts to ask “you gonna’ eat that?” I doubt I’ll be as adorable.

  2. How shocking you’d post a video that included an image of feral kittens who were shot to death by an animal control officer. This was all over the news. Please ck before posting.

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