Cats Haunted Halloween: Furball Fables

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They’re heeeee-rrrre!

Furball Fables’ special-effects extravaganza Halloween Special is here!

Video maker Chase Hoiliday has brought us many great videos with her wonderful Furballs cats and the Furballs kittens. You’ve probably seen some of them. Halloween being the season of cats, she’s made an extra special effort with this highly atmospheric seasonal theme piece, starring series regulars Elfie, Merlin, Fairy, Buddha and Yogi.

We hope you enjoy the video.  We think it’s awesome!

Chase sets the scene with this poem byKathie Giboney:

At this time of year, the veil is thin.
Into the cat’s world, another slips in.
A place to make fur stand on end.
Full of some things real and some pretend.

Filled with strange and spooky things.
Some are dangling on their strings.
Impossible to give a name,
Scary, odd and unexplained.

So Fluff out your whiskers,
and curl up your tail,
while ghouls dance around you
and ghosties wail.

Oh be a brave and mighty cat,
least you be turned into a bat.
Through the magical realms you roam.
Til Kitty cats find their way home.

Perhaps it was no more than a dream.
Happy Kitty Cat Halloween.

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