16 thoughts on “Cat Waltzes Up Stairs”

  1. This website is promoting all kinds of animal abuse. That’s all I’ve been seeing here lately. Not good. I’m going to see if I can figure out how to get this site shut down and its owners charged with aiding and abetting such abuse. This is unconscionable!

  2. I agree! there is something wrong with this picture. that cat had her tail stuck in her mouth! cruelty!!!

  3. Some of these videos are very questionable. I come here to feel good about cats, not to be concerned about the way the videos were obtained. Stop promoting the freaks that do this sort of thing!

  4. Thanks for sticking up for us, Lisa! Those accusing us of promoting abuse may not know that a very prominent cat vet ran the same video on his Facebook page, calling it cute, and nobody complained about it.

  5. Frankly these complaints are starting to irritate me. Yes, circling CAN indicate a neurological issue, but an animal with a serious neurological issue is NOT going to have the kind of coordination required to hold its own tail in its mouth while circling its way up a set of stairs.

  6. They are armchair doctors. They know nothing, and expect every single animal to behave in he very same way. As a vet tech, I can tell you that some animals are simply QUIRKY – and there is NOTHING more to this.

  7. Stop promoting a cat, then? Because you are commenting on a freak…a the freak then, would be the cat animal, not the human animal. How mean of you, namecaller.

  8. Enjoy your wasted time.
    Oh, wait – you mean you SAID you would; and by ‘said’ that equates to writing in the comments section.
    Alright, I get it.

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