Cat Travels 6 Miles to Find Owner’s New Home

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Last month, North Carolina resident Jill Roberson rehomed her 18 month old cat Mayhem with a couple living on a farm when she had to move into a new home on a busy street in Rutherfordton. Mayehm left the farm and, though he had never been to the new house, found his way “home” over a distance of about 6 miles.

Mayhem was dirty and skinny when he turned up.

“We had been here for about three weeks and I was sitting out on the porch and heard a cat meowing,” Ms. Roberson told WSPA news. “I walked over to the fence and called to him because I couldn’t see anything, and he come bounding under the fence and I have been in shock ever since.”

Ms. Roberson was stunned to see him and contacted the couple with the farm.

“I said, ‘do you think it is possible for him to come that far? And she replied, ‘it has been a few days since he was spotted,’” says Ms. Roberson.

“It just confirms that pets have feelings. We loved him, but we didn’t realize he loved us that much, that he would track us down.”

“It is just a miracle to me.”

Mayhem is happy to stay safely indoors now that he is home, where he wants to be.



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