Cat Saved From NYC ACC Death Row Alerts Foster Caregiver to Fire

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Nino and Claudia

Nino was on the NYC ACC euth list when he was pulled by City Critters all volunteer rescue, adoption and TNR organization recently. The beautiful black boy had been with his foster caregiver Claudia D’Argenio for about a week and a half when he became a hero to her and her neighbors last Wednesday.

When the usually quiet and well behaved Nino meowed incessantly in an effort to get her attention Wednesday afternoon, Claudia looked out the door of her apartment and saw that a neighboring apartment was on fire.

Nino  sensed or smelled the smoke and fire before the alarms went off, giving everyone time to exit the building in time and allowing the building’s super and the fire department to respond before the fire got out of hand. The fire was contained to the apartment where it began, saving other residents from smoke and water damage at the very least.

Claudia’s fostering of Nino effectively saved his life by giving him somewhere to go after being pulled from his spot on Death Row. Nino returned the favor, in part, when he alerted her to the fire.

Claudia told the New York Daily News that Nino’s adopter “would be lucky to have him. He’s an awesome cat, and he’s a hero.” Nino is available for adoption through City Critters. anyone interested in adopting him can contact the organization at [email protected].


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