Cat Reunited with Family After Two Years

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Photo via Animal Rescue League of Boston Dedham Branch at Facebook


Thanks to a microchip and some investigative work on the part of the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Dedham shelter staff, a cat and his family are reunited after two years!

ARL shared the story and a video of the reunion:

Black Jack is Back with His Family Thanks to the ARL & His Microchip

On October 16 a women called our Dedham shelter looking to surrender a stray cat that she had found in her yard. She described that cat as very thin, stating that he seemed like he had been outside for a while. When she brought the cat into the ARL, he was immediately examined by our veterinarian and scanned for a microchip. We were happy to find that this stray kitty did have a microchip, but unfortunately the number was never registered.

After a little more investigating, our Dedham shelter staff discovered where the microchip had been shipped to and we were able to obtain the owners information that way.

Armed with the owner’s name and phone number we braced themselves for a dead end, but much to our surprise when the person picked up the phone, it turned out to be a match for the name of the person who had purchased the micro chip!

We explained that we are calling from the Animal Rescue League of Boston in Dedham, in regards to her cat, Black Jack. The owner was so caught off guard she dropped her phone. As soon as she picked it back up, she asked us to repeat what we had said. Again our shelter team member said, “we are calling in regards to your cat Black Jack.”

Before we could go on, the woman became emotional and asked if he was alive and okay. Apparently, when she had moved to her new place in Canton, Black Jack who was an indoor cat, had somehow escaped.

The best part of the story?! Black Jack is 16 years old and has been missing for two years!

Somehow in those two years, he managed to travel 25 miles from Canton, Ma to South Weymouth. We will never know what sorts of adventures Black Jack experienced in those two years, but we do know that thanks to his microchip and the investigative work of the ARL’s Dedham staff, Black Jack is back with his family!

When Black Jack’s mom came in to pick him up, she was overjoyed and a little worried that Black Jack wouldn’t recognize her, but Black Jack did not disappoint. When we brought Black Jack out she immediately embraced him in her arms and gave him kisses. She took one look at him and he put his head on her chest as if to say “Hi mom, I missed you.“

If your pet is not microchipped, we can’t urge you enough to go to your local veterinarian and have him/her microchipped as soon as possible! Without the microchip, Black Jack would probably have never been reunited with his family.




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