Cat Recovers After Fall Onto Victorian Iron Garden Fence Spike

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The RSPCA was called after the young tuxedo cat was found impaled on a garden fence in a freak accident on June 12. Spikey, as he is being called, is recovering well in foster care.

Spikey and Rachele Follini

We did not include the more graphic photo showing “Spiky” on the fence with the spike coming up through him, but you can see him bent over the rusty iron fence in the first photo below. He is thought to have jumped and made an unfortunate landing, where he ended up impaled at one of his hindquarters.

A passerby heard the cat’s distressed cries coming from the Lyndhurst Road, WV3 Wolverhampton, UK garden and called the RSPCA.  The RSPCA responder was able to assess the severity of the situation at a glance and called upon veterinarians, who arrived in minutes to help. The kitty was in great pain and had to be sedated at the scene, then was taken for emergency medical care.  The spike went through his leg, but he is expected to make a very good recovery, thanks in part to his overall good health.

Spikey is a healthy, neutered, well cared for young boy, thought to be about one year old, and presumed to have a home. The RSPCA began looking for his owner on June 13, but as of earlier today when the photos were made widely available, the cat’s family had not yet been found.

Spikey was initially in the care of Connaught House Vets, but his recovery is coming along so well he is now staying in foster care with RSPCA support specialist Rachele Follini at her home in Shropshire. Rachelle says Spikey is a very loving and good natured kitty.






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