Cat Missing After Burglary Reunited With Her Family

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Thanks to a chain of people and events that brought her home, Elsa was reunited with her family last week after going missing and spending three months on her own.

Cats Elsa and Jade went missing when a burglar left a window open during a July 1 incident at Carl and Catherine Wolf’s Sandusky, OH home. Two months later, Jade was found by a Michigan State student who recognized her from a missing cat poster she had seen at a local pizzeria. An article followed in the Sandusky Register, saying that Jade had been found but Else remained missing. The article included photos of both cats.

The Sandusky Register feature helped Elsa come home. Cedar Point amusement park employee Kevin Hare, who works at the employee dormitory, saw a resemblance between Elsa and a cat who was coming around at night looking for food. Employees had been chipping in to help by providing tuna and cat food for Kevin to give to the cat.

Kevin Hare showed the newspaper article to Linda Bache, a fellow Cedar Point employee who is friends with the Wolfs. Linda was certain that the Cedar Point kitty was Elsa and contacted her friends. Early in the morning on Monday, October 8, the Wolfs get a call saying Else had been sighted, and Catherine rushed to the scene. Else was eating near the dormitory when Catherine arrived.  The cat was skittish and wouldn’t come, which is common with cats who’ve been lost and on their own. Catherine positioned herself at a parking lot near her cat for most of that night but went home alone.

After borrowing a trap from the Erie County Humane Society, Catherine was able to capture Elsa Tuesday evening when the cat came to eat. Elsa spent some time at the vet, recuperating and getting a checkup after her three month misadventure. Catherine told the Sandusky Register she was thrilled to have Elsa back.

Cedar Point winds down for the season during the month of October, only opening on weekends, so Elsa’s identification and capture was well timed.



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  1. How wonderful of some people paying attention to a Lost Cat poster. This helped get Elsa, who had been gone for 3 mo., get back home. Thanks to all who helped her get back home.

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