Cat is Rescued from Barrel of Grease

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A cat from Santa Cruz, CA is getting a fresh start in life after being rescued from a barrel of grease behind a restaurant on Friday. He was sitting with just his little head sticking out of the muck when help arrived and saved his life.

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter shared news of the rescue at Facebook, saying:

“Animal Shelter Officers were dispatched to the Hindquarter Bar and Grille in Santa Cruz early Friday morning on a report of a cat trapped in a grease barrel. The officer arrived on scene and found a cat up to his neck in grease. The officer placed a net into the barrel and the cat immediately grabbed onto it for dear life. The cat was pulled out and brought to the Shelter veterinarian where he was cleaned up and checked for injuries. The cat is currently resting peacefully in the vet clinic, but still smells a little like French Fries. Staff have named him “Greasy.””

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, an employee at the restaurant discovered the cat at about 9:15 Friday morning and the manager called Santa Cruz County Animal Services to get help for the animal, who was sitting silently in about 6 inches of grease looking up from the bottom of the four foot barrel when Animal Services field services manager Todd Stousy arrived on the scene.

“He was sitting in the grease, just staring up at me,” Stosuy is quoted saying in the Sentinel. “His eyes were extremely wide open just looking at me.”

The cat is thought to have been attracted by the smell and got into the barrel sometime overnight.

“If it had been any fuller, unless the cat was able to swim all night, he would have died,” Stosuy said.

The cat, who is currently bearing the unfortunate name of Greasy, was not wearing a collar and did not have a microchip. If he has a family, hopefully they will see his story in their local news and reclaim him.


You can visit the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter at Facebook, and go to the Santa Cruz Sentinel for more on the story.

The shelter’s Facebook page has promised to post more photos of the cat soon. He will no doubt look much better then.


Kitty is sitting with his head barely above the thick layer of grease in the bottom of a 4 foot tall barrel.


Getting bathed after being rescued with the use of a net.

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