Cat Gives Possum Piggyback Ride

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Emilia Lendoudis of Melbourne, Australia shot this footage of her 6 year old cat Minx with a baby ringtailed possum on Tuesday morning.  She told 9 News msn Australia, which uploaded the video, “I was washing the dishes and I heard [my cat] scratching at the fly-screen to come in. When I went to let her in, I saw something on her back and it was a possum. I ran to get my camera as there was no way anyone was going to believe that there was a possum on her back.”

Emilia says neither animal seemed at all fazed by the encounter, as Minx happily walked around the backyard with the possum attached to her back. Afterward, the petmom herded the possum into a crate and took it to a vet, where it was observed to be healthy. The animal was given to a wild animal caregiver who will release it back into the wild.

When asked to comment on the pairing, Featherdale Wildlife Park spokeswoman Lisa Christie said she feels the two animals were already familiar with one another before the piggyback ride and the encounter would likely have been less relaxed and friendly, otherwise.  “In unusual circumstances animals that would normally be enemies can get along,” she said. “It depends on the situation and the temperament of the individual animals involved.”




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  1. well i have taken care of a TNR colony and they were not bothered at all when late at night the opossums came around to eat their food. they were not scared of them at all!

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