Cat Found 40 Days After Jamestown, CO Flood

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Joey Howlett was well liked by everyone in town. When he died in September’s flooding in Jamestown, CO as a mudslide hit his home, his friends and neighbors thought his cat Shadow had died, too.

Community members looked for the cat, who’d been Howlett’s closet companion for the past 13 years, but no trace was found.

Joey’s friend Anne Breiler told how, after 40 days had passed, Shadow reappeared:  “Someone was walking past Joey’s house, one of our neighbors. And she saw something moving up there. And oh my God! It was Shadow!”

Breiler says Shadow was in good shape after her ordeal, other than a fractured hind leg that required amputation surgery.

The community pitched in to pay for shadow’s Surgery and to lend support.

One of Joey Howlett’s friends will adopt Shadow.
A post at Jamestown Connect from October 25 gives a chronology of the story taken from the town’s bulletin board:

Heather, Oct. 21: Earlier today I found Shadow up Howlett’s Gulch. She is one strong kitty! Ann and I took her to the vet where she is eating and being well taken care of. She will have surgery in the morning on her broken leg and hopes to continue living in Jamestown adored by all. She will most likely convalesce with Ann and between the neighbors, Zach and myself will find a new home close to her old one. Here’s to small miracles!

Lisa, Oct. 21: About 12 years ago, Joey was catless after he and Susie split up, and he asked me to help find him a new buddy. At the time I worked at the Humane Society and found Shadow in the lost cat area where no one ever showed up to claim her. The staff at the time had named her Crackers, and as soon as I met her I knew she was Joey’s cat. He told me many times she was the best cat he ever had.

Jennifer, Oct. 22: Aw shadow, amazing!

Karen, Oct. 22: What a special gift to find Joey’s cat! Wow! What a survivor! I would also be willing to pitch in on any vet bills.

Anne, Oct. 22: Fellow Jimtowners, I just left the vet’s office, and Shadow is recovering from her surgery. Joe had to remove the lower part of her back leg. It still had blood supply, but it would have been floppy and in her way, so this was best for her. She has already learned to be a three legged cat, so that will help with her recovery. He want’s to keep her a couple nights, so I’ll pick her up on Thursday and am willing to keep her until we can find her real home. Dr. Joe is giving us a deal, but the bill will be $600.00. Donations would be GREAT!!!!! She IS a remarkable cat.

Tara, Oct. 22: If you are in Jamestown and want to make a donation to Shadow, you may drop it off at the Town Hall. We will ensure that she receives it.

Bela, Oct. 24: The image below was taken today at noon at the Jamestown office. Tara is with Joey’s cat Shadow. Anne just brought back Shadow from the hospital. Shadow is doing fine after surviving the flood, 40 days in the rubble and a leg amputation. Amazing.

See the heartwarming story, as seen on KUSA TV news:


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