Cat Flies Through The Air to Safety in Bold Jump From Tower

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One day last week, a woman in Bogota, Colombia feared that her Siamese cat had been stolen until she started to call for it and heard the cat’s distress cries coming back in return. The cat had ended up in a precarious position at the top of a communications tower.

Neighbors watched anxiously as fireman tried to rescue the cat for several hours. The rescue was complicated since a cable on the tower carried high voltage electricity.

As the rescuers got close to the cat, the cat jumped and went airborne. Fortunately, four firemen standing below were able to catch the cat in a net.

The cat suffered minor injuries and was very upset at first, but it settled down after returning home.

Raw video captured the jump, as well as the cat being comforted at the scene, and resting more calmly back at home.

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