Cat Buried Alive by Mistake is Heard Meowing and Lives

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St. Jacob, IL resident Sarah McCallum thought the family cat Mufin had died, and buried her before the children got home from school. Son Bradley wanted to plant a flower on the cat’s grave and heard meowing. Muffin was quickly dug back up, and survived her 3 1/2 hours buried below ground in a taped up box. The family is very happy that Muffin is with them still.

Sara thought Muffin was dead when the cat had a seizure. The cat was cold and Sarah could not tell that she was breathing or had a pulse. The vet reassured her afterward that many people would have thought the same of the comatose cat.

Muffin seems fine now, as seen in the video below. She is being treated for encephalitis.



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  1. {{{{{{{Sarah}}}}}}}, I can’t think of how I would have acted any differently than you and am so sorry that you, Bradley, and Mufin went through this awful experience. I am happy that she survived and hope you remember that she did and know even my vet told me that she would have done the same thing as you.

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